50th Birthday Global Meditation 17.11.2012

50th Birthday Global Meditation 17.11.2012
This is it, Findhorn's 50th birthday today! 
Please join in a meditation to add your light to the Spirit of the Future.
Thank you to everyone who over the years has given your energy to grow this place and inspire others for a better world. ♥ 

When a smile touches our hearts
When the forest stills us to peace
When we really love or laugh or dance with joy
We are one with the angels
Dorothy Maclean
Dear Friend,
Below you will find the meditation that will be used in the Universal Hall on November 17th. Meditations will also be happening in other sanctuaries throughout the community and in various places around the world. To aid consistency we are posting the full outline rather than just bullet points. Obviously the language reflects my personal style so you may feel prompted to change it to suit you and the particular situation you are in. Given that the spirit of the moment often has its own input it’s likely that I will deviate from the script myself!
Avalon dos SantosWe ask that you follow the basic outline of honouring the founders and those early key figures, spending time on the past, the present and then the future (taking time to listen to any messages that spirit has to offer about the future) and finally sending out all the energy with a rolling Om.
Our plan is that the meditation itself will take about 40-45 minutes, from 9:00am (09.00hr) until 9:40am-ish (09.40hr) GMT, with time afterwards for sharing so we will be gathered in the Hall until about 10:30am (10.30hr). If you feel prompted to share with us what came up in your meditations please do so by emailing communications@findhorn.org
Thank you for joining with us, for honouring and strengthening the expression of the essence of the work of the Findhorn Foundation Community in the world today and into the future.
Love, blessings and gratitude,
Judy McAllister
(a time of welcoming those gathered together)

Let’s close our eyes and settle into our own inner space. Using whatever practice works for you, settle into the deep and silent space within yourself that is the core of your being – that place where peace, joy, light and love reside. As we consciously align with our own essence, our Divine self, we pause to give thanks and to honour the personal decisions and choices that have brought each of us to this moment. We extend blessings to our personal pasts and the paths that we have each walked – particularly to those parts of the journey that hold our personal stories with this centre and its work.
(short pause)
Gently we deepen into the core of our being, reaching out to one another as we do so. We become aware of all those gathered, here and elsewhere, who join with us in this moment of celebration and honouring. We settle into that space of oneness with all life.
We open to the myriad streams of consciousness that have worked with this centre, to the forces and beings who have lent their support and wisdom to the creation of all that is today. We invite them to engage with us in this time of celebration and blessing. We welcome the devic, angelic and elemental realms; all the forces of the kingdoms of nature; the guides, guardians and teachers who have helped to shape this centre and have strengthened its work in the world.
In particular we welcome the presence of the Landscape Angel, that representative of Gaia itself, that holds this centre in its care and keeping, and the presence of the Angel of Findhorn, acknowledging and honouring the vital roles they have played in the growth and evolution of Findhorn.
(short pause)
In this company, seen and unseen, let us turn our attention to our ancestors, to those on whose shoulders we stand as we grow what they began. In particular we extend our gratitude and honour to Peter, Eileen and Dorothy. And to Leena, for her behind-the-scenes constant participation in those early years, and to Sheena who taught them all and played such an influential role in the paths they took that led to the inception of Findhorn.
To those who seeded early influences, to ROC, David Spangler, Sir George … we offer our gratitude, honouring their contributions to what we have today.
(short pause)
To the thousands who have passed through – each making their unique contribution – we give thanks.
(short pause)
To all the projects and initiatives – the ones that worked and the ones that didn’t – we give thanks for the contributions they made to what is today.
(slightly longer pause)
Gently we turn our attention to what is today – linking consciously with the people gathered in sanctuaries and special places in the community and around the world. In the company of the allies joined with us let us draw on the Divine source within each and all of us, generating a field of energy that we shall eventually send out as a blessing.
(longer pause)
Gently we turn our attention to the future, to those who will follow us and build on what is now; to those who will add to the body of work and contribution that Findhorn is in the world. We open to the impulse that has been incarnating through this centre for 50 years and softly follow it into the future. In the spirit of all that has been, all that is, we open to all that may yet become. In the presence of all that has been gathered we open to whatever messages, impressions, images or gifts that spirit has to offer us at this time. We practise the founding principle of inner listening, opening to the wisdom within ourselves and to the wisdom of that with which we co-create.
(longer pause)
Finally, we send out all that has been gathered. We send it out on waves of sound, using a open-ended, rolling Om to carry our blessings, gratitude and honour out – into the past, into the present and into the future. In the spirit of gratitude and honour, we join consciously with the Angel of Findhorn, lending our support to its task of spreading what is generated to the four corners of the world. May the principles of inner listening and co-creation continue to strengthen in the consciousness, and in the actions, of the human family. May all beings, past, present and future, benefit from what we do.
(begin the rolling Om…)

Once the Om completes itself open the space for any sharings from that last part of the meditation where we opened to images, impressions, messages etc. about the future. It may take some time to get started as I imagine that the space created by the meditation will be rich and deep and people may be shy to break the space with their voices. It may be that whoever is leading the meditation has to speak first so as to set things in motion.
Alternatively – it may be easier to suggest that people turn to whomever they are sitting next to and share in pairs or threes before opening the space to the large group.

Un successo strepitoso - una grande celebrazione italiana con amici di Findhorn vecchi e nuovi

Carissimi amici di Findhorn,
dopo una settimana siamo ancora senza parole con il cuore pieno e traboccante... tanto l'esperienza che abbiamo vissuto insieme a Rimini è stata ricca e coinvolgente. 

Lo spirito di Findhorn e la nostra voglia di celebrare con armonia, grazia e amore erano presenti in maniera evidente e toccante.

I nostri cuori sono stati elevati da questo evento, e tutti, nessuno escluso, abbiamo potuto condividere e sperimentare una personale connessione con l'energia di Findhorn che dopo 50 anni (che si compiranno esattamente il 17 novembre 2012) continua a brillare di una luce calda e amorevole che accoglie tutti e che si propone di ispirare tanti luoghi della Terra a creare tante comunità ispirate a questo modello di fratellanza e sorellanza globale.

Grazie profondamente ai tutti i meravigliosi 99 partecipanti adulti e ai 9 partecipanti bambini a questo evento straordinario che abbiamo avuto dal 1° al 4 novembre a Rimini. Grazie a Dorothy Maclean (92 anni), una delle tre fondatrici di Findhorn per la chiamata in skype con cui ha benedetto tutti noi col suo sorriso profondo e saggio, grazie ai sette focalizzatori dell'evento, grazie a tutto lo staff dello Sporting Hotel di Rimini e in particolare a Sabrina Antinori per l'ospitalità impeccabile, grazie Rimini, grazie Italia... 
Siete e siamo stati fantastici... 

Un pensiero e un ringraziamento vanno anche e soprattutto a coloro che non hanno potuto essere con noi, vuoi per problemi sopraggiunti o altro... Grazie davvero... ci avete sostenuto, aiutato, ispirato e siete stati i migliori alleati di Findhorn!

Seguiteci perchè abbiamo tante novità sulla Magia di Findhorn in Italia prossimamente....

Alcune foto dell'evento... nei prossimi giorni ne pubblicheremo altre in una pagina dedicata nel blog dove tutti potranno fare commenti e restare in contatto.